Impressions de la Réunion

A magical three weeks on the island ...

Thanks to my friends, Colette and Jean-Michel, I had the opportunity to spend some time on the island of Réunion in March 2022.

I was there for three weeks and we travelled all around the island together.

Reunion Postcard 7
IMG_8578 copy
Reunion Postcard 8
Reunion Postcard 2
Reunion Postcard 1
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DSC_0170 copy
Reunion Postcard 6
Reunion Postcard 3
Reunion Postcard 4
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Reunion Postcard 5

The pieces created during my visit - the postcards and Réunion - Les Couleurs I to IV, are full of light and the colours of the sea, sky and flowers.

Réunion - Les Couleurs l
Reunion - Les Couleurs ll
Réunion - Les Couleurs lll
Réunion - Les Couleurs lV

It was only later, back home that I started creating the other paintings, with my memories of the island of Réunion - the colours of the mountains (and their creation), from the volcano and the lava.

Réunion - Esplosif
Réunion - Esplosif
IMG_8580 copy
Réunion - Levant
DSC_1130 copy
Réunion - Embryonnaire
DSC_0695 copy
Réunion - Les ravages du temps
Réunion - Les ravages du temps
IMG_8597 copy
Réunion - Bienvenue Exploratrice

During my stay in La Réunion, I walked on both the ancient and more recent lava.  I walked down into and back up from the Grand Bassin, and I walked three days on the ‘Cirque de Mafate’.  The mountains of the interior of the island were constantly in my thoughts - particularly those close to Salazie, the Dos d’Ane and Maido.  That’s why these pieces are so full of the colours of fire, the mountains, lava and vegetation.

Réunion - Forêt Magique
Réunion - Forêt Magique

Two videos from Réunion:

The first shows Réunion through the photographs I took, plus the artworks made there.

The second takes you around the subsequent Impressions de la Réunion exhibition.

Réunion - Naissance
DSC_0023 copy
Réunion - La traversee du vide
Réunion - La traversee du vide

‘Pitaya’ is different and represents a new direction (I discovered the fruit for the first time in Réunion, and loved it!), using folded canvas.

I have continued my exploration with folded canvas with the two pieces titled ‘Tresses’, inspired by the waterfalls and the vegetation that tumble down the mountains.

Réunion - Pitaya
Réunion - Pitaya
Réunion - Tresse II and Tresse I
Réunion - Tresse II and Tresse I
Ex Tresse 1 D4 copy
DSC_0125 copy
DSC_0277 copy
Réunion - Rêves
Réunion - Rêves