Let’s go for a drive

See the trees swirl past.

We move, they move,

Our eyes sense speed as elongated shapes slip away,

Impossible to catch in their entirety.

I appear, as a tree – as trees, at intermittent intervals,

Rushing past or attempting to keep up, to remain in focus.

That’s the point:

Blurred focus gives a sense and a feeling as to what is there,

And what is there, amongst the trees that dance, slip and rush by?

Visions of quiet.

Inspired by passing,


And of seeing the mesh,

Touching, feeling and looking deep within, from without.

Can you remember how you felt in the rush and the calm?

I only ask because you can always watch again,

And again.


  1. Mrs. Madeleine Sewter on February 18, 2020 at 10:36 pm

    Thanks for sharing these three (no four) creative forms with me. I enjoyed the mix of photography and painting. I concentrated on these first, while conscious of the sound accompaniment which suggested the mysterious experience of walking through the tangled undergrowth of woodland. Secondly, I concentrated on reading the poetic description of your experience of rushing past the wooded environment as if the wooded scene is rushing past you! So both the “rush” and the “calm.” I particularly like the invitation to remember how the experience felt, making it tempting to watch “again and again.” Best Wishes, Madeleine.

    • Ruth Dent on February 23, 2020 at 9:23 am

      Thanks very much Madeleine, I’m glad you enjoyed the photography, painting and the sound. It’s interesting to hear how you approached the videos, and that particularly with ‘Let’s go for a drive’ you felt both the ‘rush’ and the ‘calm’. Best wishes, Ruth

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