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Along the Line

Photographs taken on a train journey from Riga to Daugavpils, in Latvia.

Music by Alec Dent.

Impressions of Réunion

Photographs taken during my visit to La Réunion, plus the artworks created whilst there.

Music by Alec Dent.

Impressions de la Réunion

A visit to the exhibition 'Impressions de la Réunion' at La Chapelle, Cancon, Lot et Garonne.

Music by Alec Dent.

Emerald Pools

Gathering water
Hustles, bustles
Rolling around
Bursting bubbles

Pouring water
Rushes apace
Diving deep
Jostling for space

Strolling water
Ambles along
Caressing edges
Humming its song

Pooling water
Quietly stirs
Inwardly reflective
Shimmering mirrors

The Stars and the Moon

Shining bright
In the dark dark night
The stars and the moon
Illuminate the gloom

Eyes glow
On Earth below
Sweeping the dark
For dazzling sparks

Reflected light
Shines bright tonight
As white holds sway
From so far away

Closer and closer must we go
To see the splendid colour-filled show
For in the dark, in the deep
Are the visions that we seek


In a luminous space
Colours gyrate
As they move to and fro
With the musical flow

Freely dancing

Go find a luminous space
Make those colours gyrate
As you move to and fro
With the musical flow

Freely dancing

Q - Expressions

These small acrylics are expressions of my feelings during ‘lockdown’.

Away from the studio, and working on the dining room table, I deliberately limited myself to one, two or three colours. They can be emotionally raw, or combine the raw with gratitude for nature seen during my daily walks.

Quite often, I would setup colour clashes, and see what happened as the paint dried. Always interesting to see the flow and shapes that appear.

Each painting is presented mounted on foam, with a hook, so easy to hang, enjoy and live with.

Portrait 25cm x 15cm, or landscape 15cm x 25cm, all on BFK Rives paper.

See them all here.

Looking Back

A different view
Leads away
Arrives with you
Here today

Twists and turns
Surprises too
No return
To a previous you

Challenges faced
Monsters tamed
You’ve sung and danced
My! … How you’ve changed!


Narrow alleyways

Ancient stones



Surprising vistas


Cloud patterns


The Crossing Place

Paths meet
Grids greet

Walls display
Our way today

Lanes wander
Over yonder

Fingers follow
River’s flow

Footsteps rattle
Alleys cackle

Walk, skip
On every trip

You go your way, and
I’ll go mine

Sun-beams, or


Clouds jostle
Thunder ripples
Sky rings

Waves surge
Bubbles burst
Crests rise

Sparks fly
Eye spy
Tail spin

Blue rolling
Yellow whirring
White silence
Green glimpsed




Glacial Burst

Impenetrable, frozen white light
Echoes and creeps

With a deep resonance
Nobody hears

Infinitesimal movement
Gathers apace

Pushing forward
Over the edge

Form and perspective shift
Crystals dissolve

Bonds break
Structures collapse

Mass shrinkage yields liquid from solid
Raising the game

Colours swirl
Ripples melt

At the fall, the wave
Bursting with energy

Is there anyone there?

Who do you see?

Orange spatters swarming over an arc
Liquid lime floats
Swallowing blank space
Sinking into a pool
Scooped up and away

Red splashes brightly down
Oxide darkens and mottles crevices
Softening sharp green
Turning red to rust

Let's go for a drive

See the trees swirl past.

We move, they move,

Our eyes sense speed as elongated shapes slip away,

Impossible to catch in their entirety.

I appear, as a tree - as trees, at intermittent intervals,

Rushing past or attempting to keep up, to remain in focus.

That's the point:

Blurred focus gives a sense and a feeling as to what is there,

And what is there, amongst the trees that dance, slip and rush by?

Visions of quiet.

Inspired by passing,


And of seeing the mesh,

Touching, feeling and looking deep within, from without.

Can you remember how you felt in the rush and the calm?

I only ask because you can always watch again,

And again.


Who is waiting on your path?

A winding path. A fallen tree.

A winter walk. What might you see?

A fallen tree trunk blocks the way, forcing us to duck to continue.

As we slow down, what thoughts and messages might we receive?

And who are the messengers?

Why artworks, of course!

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Moonlight Shadow

It's a dark night and there's a bright full moon.

I ventured out into the darkness and captured the clouds creeping across the sky. Masking the light until it burst forth to look one straight in the eye.

Then added some artworks.

Why ‘Moonlight Shadow’?

Well ... Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield is one of my favourite songs to dance or sing-along to, and very likely to make it into my selection for Desert Island Discs should I ever be asked along!

“No - I promise, I am not singing in this video!”.

It’s soundtrack is deep and reverberating - and don’t take my word for it. Take a look and listen and see what you think ...

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