Mixing Colours with Emotions to Celebrate Life on Earth

Welcome to a world crammed full of colour, curiosity, magic and mystery.

As one with nature - following our own path - making connections and exploring the ancient ways.

Mostly we celebrate - and equally there are times when darkness calls or anger surfaces.

All part of the life-death-life cycles that define us and the seasons as we grow, bud, bloom, burst and throw all to the wind before retreating to rest - to reappear, changed - tempted out by promising new growth, light and warmth.

Ready to go with the flow, circle around familiar themes of nature, spirituality, the feminine, mythology and literature, and to be surprised by what emerges.






Shadow and Light

We are in a time of transition, change and desperate need to listen to Mother Earth.

A project that started in 2020, which ran its course through to the end of 2022.  Inspired by life and nature.









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A response in two halves.

Whilst there, enjoying and capturing the colours and light.

Back in the studio, memories of mountains, craters, cascades, rampant vegetation and a deep sense of geological history.

In an Liminal Zone, 100 x 100cm, oil on canvas




A brief explanation of three connected series: 'Visible, Invisible, Veiled', 'Breathing Space' and 'The Day the Sky Shattered and Flew Away'.

Visible, Invisible, Veiled’ (2015-2018) began when broken grids noticed on walks in the woods appeared unexpectedly in a painting inspired by Virginia Woolf’s first novel ‘The Voyage Out’.  

Interest in mythology, spirituality and the Celtic Tree Alphabet was fuelled by a pivotal reading of Robert Graves’ ‘The White Goddess’.






Over time, pathways, ‘the turn’, elements and meanings from the ancient ways, plus experiences of places, including Cathedrals, Buddhist Stupas, Hindu Temples, Stone Circles and the Labyrinth at Chartres were absorbed.

In 2019 ‘Breathing Space’ emerged, an installation with a sculptural piece at its centre, which envelops the spectator and brings the forest into the gallery as a sunlit glade. 





Lying down within ‘Breathing Space’.

Looking up and imagining what might happen if the sky crashed down upon us or exploded into a zillion pieces. 

The Day the Sky Shattered and Flew Away' - a series linked to climate change, arrived in 2020.