Impressions de la Réunion

At La Chapelle, Cancon, France


A series of works inspired by a visit to the island of Réunion in March 2022.


With music by Alec Dent.



The Day the Sky Shattered and Flew Away

At Monflanquin and L'Eglise de Valette, Lougratte, France


An installation with soundscape by Alec Dent.


I have lain down within the central circle of Serenade.

Held close by Mother Earth, I look up to see the sky and the clouds …

My feelings and emotions ricochet between awe, anger and wonderment; darkness and light - reflecting the precarious state of Planet Earth and our life upon it.


Detail of Serenade, Gold Ochre, one of the three outside panels of acrylic on canvas of Serenade, which consists of 6 canvases, each 137cm high and 320cm wide

Breathing Space: an Installation

At Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent, UK

and Monflanquin, France


A space celebrating nature and the spirit
A meeting  place
A place where ideas float, colours mingle and the joy of life is palpable
A safe haven to free ones mind and set ones spirit free - soaring
A clearing in the forest
I invite you to enter…



Britten War Requiem Prints

At Kevis House, Petworth, Sussex, UK


As the visual artist for Petworth Festival's 40th year and their 1918/2018 anniversary strand , Kevis House Gallery presented Britten's War Requiem Print Exhibition.


Labyrinthe ll

At Le Théâtre des Treize Vents, Villeneuve-sur-Lot, France


Invited to install Labyrinthe at Le Théâtre des Treize Vents by Director Christophe Mandaroux.

Created by Joël Coupé, Sabine Dugarry, Isabelle Tapie and I, with a sonic landscape by Alec Dent.


Ruth Dent's Britten War Requiem Prints exhibited at the Royal Engineers Museum, with a carpet of poppies

Britten War Requiem Prints

At The Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham, Kent, UK


This beautiful chapel like space provided a fitting setting for the prints.


At Le Prieuré de Mesnil St Martin, 47210, Montaut, France


Throwing Le Prieuré into darkness and setting out a pathway with artworks illuminated along the way.

Created by Joël Coupé, Sabine Dugarry, Isabelle Tapie and I.

It took 2 days to install and 2 hours to take down!



Papier et Mains

At Moulin de Larroque, Couze, France


An entire show using the superb Moulin de Larroque handmade paper.

In a state of osmosis is an abstract artwork by Ruth Dent. The first in the Visible, Invisible, Veiled series. An oil on canvas in yellow, blue, green and red with multiple layers of broken grids.


At Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent, UK


An annual exhibition, each with a different curator so it's always special to have ones work selected.



Britten-Ireland crop

Britten & Ireland

At Nucleus Gallery, Chatham, Kent, UK


A solo show of the Te Deum paintings and Britten War Requiem prints in this lovely space.


National Open Print Exhibition

At Bankside, London, UK


Dies irae l was selected for this national show, and won the John Purcell Paper Award.



Art for Evensong

At Bradford Cathedral, West Yorkshire, UK


The final stop on the Art for Evensong tour.  The cathedral is the oldest building in Bradford, situated in a landscape steeped in a rich heritage of fabrics and weaving.


Art for Evensong

At Worcester Cathedral, Worcestershire, UK


Worcester Cathedral was founded in 680 with the building of the present cathedral starting in 1084.  The tomb of King John is situated in the Quire.


A porthole painted with oil paint on both sides of the glass. In response to a quotation from Virginia Woolf's 'The Voyage Out': 'It appeared that nobody

The Reference Section

At Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent, UK


A couple of works inspired by Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out were shown in this show which I proposed and co-curated.


Art for Evensong

At Peel Cathedral, Isle of Man, UK


First stop on the Art for Evensong tour was Peel, on the Isle of Man.  The cathedral was consecrated in 1980, although it was built between 1879 and 1884.



Art for Evensong

At Rochester Cathedral, Kent, UK


Art for Evensong was initially created to show at Rochester Cathedral.  I was invited by the Dean and Chapter to create large-scale banners based upon my Celebrating Evensong screen prints, themselves inspired by Choral Evensong at Rochester Cathedral.  Rochester is the second oldest cathedral, having been founded 604.  The present building dates back to 1080.