I'm curious

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I'm curious, and enjoy nature's colour combinations, shapes and textures in every season.


Using a camera as a sketchbook encourages me to keep looking, seeing something familiar anew, or being surprised and inspired by Mother Earth.


And I can lose myself - in exactly the same way as when I'm in the studio, so it's usually just me and the camera!


Back in the studio, the memories of places, and the colours with which they are associated reappear, making their way into pieces subtly and magically. Most times I am unaware, only much later perhaps seeing a connection.

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La Reunion 2023 XIV copy
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La Reunion 2023 lX copy

Working in series. Taking time. Creating space.

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Enveloped by the work.

It breathes.  Leads to unexpected places.

Lighting a candle in the studio.

Everything connected.

Cosmos, spirit, nature, humanity.

Golden threads. Treasure.

Visible.  Invisible.  Veiled.

Transforming. Revealing. Exposing.

Some pieces take a long time.

Others are in a hurry to arrive.

Living with each one.

Then sharing.

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For me, creativity is a solo activity, and I believe that magic happens in the studio.

So I'm not one to post videos of me working.

What I have done since 2012 is write a Monthly Newsletter, taking you into the studio to see what I'm doing, and what is in-progress or recently finished.

I also share my thoughts about an exhibition or place I have visited.

Many readers tell me how much they enjoy receiving the Newsletter, so sign-up today and join them, as we journey together.

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My practice revolves around painting, photography, video, printmaking and creating installations.

Recent works have become more sculptural.

Nowadays when exhibiting my intention is always to give the Spectator an immersive experience.

Alec Dent and I collaborate, and sound is added to videos, sonic landscapes are written for installations and music added to exhibitions.

Visit the Videos Page and the Exhibitions Page to see and hear more.

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I live and work in South West France, a land of great rivers, orchards, vineyards, sunflowers, and history.

Perfect for a girl who grew up in Kent, England, amongst hop fields and orchards.

Acutely aware of climate change, we watch the crops (will they thrive or frazzle?) and the farmers' ponds empty far too soon.

Whilst enjoying the sunny days we must also acknowledge the desperate need for rain.

Over the past couple of years I have become fascinated with water, and have made repeat visits to several places along the banks of Le Lot.

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Colour makes me happy

Trees and Poppy

And to end with colour - thanks to the wild flowers and the Oak tree.


And a trip from Riga to Daugavpils ...

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